Cataract Surgery

cataract surgery denverSee Clearly Again After Cataract Eye Surgery in Denver

Cataracts are by far one of the most common vision problems people over the age of 40 will develop. When cataracts begin to form, it is common for the individual to feel as if they are seeing the world through a dusty film or hazy water. This is because cataracts are the result of a medical condition that causes the lens of one or both eyes to develop cloudy areas, which will grow as the condition worsens.

Just because this disease affects approximately half of the population over 80 does not mean that you have to treat your vision loss as inevitable. You can visit us in Denver for cataract eye surgery that will allow you to restore your sight and prevent future problems with cataracts.

What Are My Cataract Treatment Options at the Denver Vision Center?

To remove the cloudiness from your eye’s lens, the lens itself is removed during an eye surgery, so that a new lens can be inserted. We offer two primary cataract eye surgeries at Denver LASIK Eye Care:

Phacoemulsification – While the name phacoemulsification may sound complicated, this procedure is actually very simple and commonly performed. During this cataract surgery, a very small incision is created so that an ultrasound device can be used to send carefully measured waves that break up the cataract. The lens is then easily removed from the eye and a new lens is inserted.

Extracapsular Surgery – During this type of cataract surgery, a larger incision is made in order to remove and replace the lens of the eye, and ultrasound waves are not used.

Benefits of Receiving Cataract Surgery in Denver

Cataract surgery has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Now, it is one of the safest surgeries available, with success rates commonly ranging from 90 to 95 percent. Patients experience little to no discomfort during the surgery, and the recovery period is brief. After the surgery, all you have to do is use eye drops and avoid touching your eyes in order to allow the eyes to safely heal.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing to have cataract surgery is that the new lenses will not only correct your eyesight, but they also will not support the growth of any future cataracts. You have your vision restored and you do not have to worry about your cataracts coming back.

Visit Us for a Cataract Screening in Denver As Soon as Possible

Like with most medical conditions, it is best to have your cataracts diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Not only will early treatment allow you to avoid the difficulty of living with worsening vision, but you will also have the greatest number of cataract treatment options available to you at this time.

Visit us today in Denver for a cataract examination, and we will gladly answer all of your questions regarding the different types of cataract surgeries and what you can expect from each.

By James Melzer