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Normal LASIK Surgery Recovery Period

Some of us go throughout our lives without ever needing any sort of corrective lens or procedure to help us see better. Those people are indeed fortunate as most people need some type of vision correction at some point in their lives. While glasses and contact lenses have been the standard for many years, new technologies such as laser eye surgery have made tremendous advancements in the field of laser vision correction. Now with the help of modern technology and the advent of lasers, doctors can do procedures on your eyes to correct the imperfections in the cornea and enable you to see perfectly without any need for glasses or contact lenses.

The procedure takes only about 15 minutes, is painless, and require requires a short recovery period.

What is the normal LASIK surgery recovery time?

Most people will see significant improvement in their eyesight within the first two days. It will depend on the surgeon, the procedure performed, and of course the individual. We all heal differently. It may take you as long as 2 to 7 days to see improvement. Full recovery will probably take at on average three-six months.

You will certainly need to arrange transportation for the day of your surgery. You need someone to drive you home. You will need to rest completely for the first few hours following the procedure. You will probably feel some minor pain for the first few days and your eyes may be slightly blurry for the first few days as they begin to heal. If they are irritated you want to be sure not to rub them.

You will have a follow up appointment within the first 48 hours after your surgery. The doctor will want to test your vision and medicate your eyes to prevent infections and inflammation.

You will be seen 1-3 times during the next six months to ensure that everything went well and you have healed properly. During that time there might be some slight fluctuations in your vision which will be carefully monitored by your doctor.