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Who is Typically a Good Candidate for LASIK

LASIK Laser eye surgery has many prominent advantages to those people who have worn glasses or contact lenses for many years. While wearing glasses and contact lenses can be helpful for standard vision correction, it involves tedious tasks such as constantly cleaning the lenses, ensuring that you put them places where they’re protected, and having to carry them with you all the time. In addition contact lenses require special maintenance to keep them clean, delicate procedures to place them on the eye and remove them, and they are very careful in preventing them from getting lost.

Laser eye surgery, by a qualified eye surgeon, can correct your problem as little as a few days, and in just about every case, the results are permanent. There is minor discomfort immediately after, however you will likely be seeing perfectly without glasses and contact lenses the very next day.

LASIK and other types of laser refractive eye surgery is widely used today. It involves the latest technology of computers combined with lasers and the experience of the surgeon doing your procedure. It does a magnificent job of correcting your vision if you are qualified candidate. So what makes it good candidate for LASIK surgery?

The majority of people look to LASIK because they are tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses and want something better. However, not everyone wanting laser vision correction is qualified.

Depending on your age, eye health, prescription, and whether or not your prescription has changed recently are all critical factors on if you would qualify as a good candidate. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are all correctable with LASIK.

  • Nearsightedness (myopia), in which you can read things clearly up close but have difficulty in seeing things far away.
  • Farsightedness (hyperopia), in that you can see things far away but up close you have difficulty.
  • Astigmatism which produces a general overall blurry vision.

At Denver LASIK Eye Care, we offer a free personalized LASIK screening to determine if you are a good candidate. In this free consultation we will help you understand the complete laser vision correction procedure and what is done to accomplish it successfully. As well as the associated risks and benefits. Considering surgery on your eyes is a serious decision and you certainly want to be well-versed completely in the procedures involved.

The overall health of your eyes will help determine if you are a good candidate. There are certain diseases that preclude eye doctors from using laser surgery which will be reviewed with you at your consultation.

After LASIK eye surgery, your doctor will provide you with with a schedule for medications and follow-up exams that are absolutely necessary to ensure that you’re procedure and recovery are right on schedule.

You will be seen by your doctor during the next few months to ensure that your surgery was a success. During that time there may be some slight fluctuations in your vision which will be carefully monitored by your doctor. Contact us today to speak with our LASIK Denver team and schedule your free evaluation.